Initial Reduced Fixed Fee Appointments*

We offer clients the opportunity to obtain initial advice at an appointment which last no more than 45 minutes for a fee of £50.00 plus VAT = £60.00.

This is a one off opportunity for you to discuss your matter and obtain broad advice as to how to proceed, whether it is something that you should instruct a solicitor about, and in particular if you wish to instruct the particular solicitor in front of you.

It also allows us as your potential solicitor to assess if we wish to take on your case, assess what the fees are likely to be and give you an indication of the costs of proceeding and the options open to you.

*There are as you would expect limitations on this arrangement.
a. you can only have one fixed fee appointment for the same matter;
b. you cannot discuss 2 matters at an appointment, a separate appointment would have to be made;
c. no work can be undertaken after the appointment unless fees are agreed and paid in advance or an arrangement arrived at;
d. payment for the fixed fee must be paid for in advance and at present this means in cash £60 as we do not offer the facility to accept payments by debit/credit card if you wish to pay by cheque this must be received 7 days before the appointment and be cleared prior to the appointment;
e. you must produce photographic proof of your ID and proof of your current address (which must be dated within the last 3 months) to meet our client identification;
f. in these fixed fee appointments we cannot consider lengthy documents or bundles of papers;
g. we may be prepared to advise and witness documents but this depends on the document and the advise involved, you should enquire.
h. we reserve the right to decline to offer a fixed fee appointment to any person.

Hourly Private Charging Rates vary according to the fee earner, ranging from £140-£250 per hour (+VAT). Please contact us for more information.