Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.30.
We are able to offer some appointments outside these hours, please contact us for more information.

New Clients

The availability of appointments for new clients depends on the particular fee earners commitments at the time. Unless the matter is urgent we would normally expect an appointment to be offered within 10 working days. In urgent cases we may be able to offer a short notice appointment.

Existing Clients

For existing clients we will generally aim to offer routine appointments within 7 working days but dependent on the fee earners commitments.

Cancellation by clients

We request that Clients whenever possible cancel appointments in advance so that we can offer them to other clients who may be waiting for an appointment. We do not charge for appointments which are cancelled in advance but we may charge for missed appointments or decline to offer another appointment, see below. Therefore we urge all clients to notify us in advance of the cancellation even if only by leaving a message on our answerphone.

Cancellation by us

We endeavour to honour all appointments made by us, but there will inevitably be occasions when due to emergencies or other appointments overrunning that we either are late or are unavoidably prevented from honouring the appointment. If this occurs we will endeavour to notify you in advance. We will also seek to rearrange a further appointment as soon as possible at your convenience. If we offer you an appointment out of normal hours because we had to cancel then we would not charge you any increased fees for that appointment.

Missed Appointments

Clients who miss 2 consecutive appointments without cancelling in advance or notifying a genuine excuse for missing an appointment will generally not be offered a further appointment.

In the event that we agree to offer a further appointment the client will be charged at our discretion for the missed appointment at 50% of the fee earners hourly rate for the time for which the appointment was arranged/booked.